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Brief Account of Maglev Train
Shanghai Maglev Line begins in the west from the Longyang Road Station of Metro Line 2 and ends in the east at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It takes only 7 minutes and 20 seconds for the maglev train to cover the 30 km long line. The line is the first commercial operation maglev train in the world.

Shanghai Maglev line began its construction on March 1, 2001 and the train was put into trial operation on December 31, 2002. The maximum speed is 430 km/h and the speed at which two trains intercross each other reaches 700 km/h. The train has been authorized by Guinness Records to be the fastest train in the world.

So far, Shanghai maglev train has succeeded in safe operation up to 1 million km and attracted the attention of political circles, economic & trade circles, entertainment circles and other celebrities all over the world.

Political Circles
1. In September, 2001, former Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji and German Chancellor Schroeder paid their first visit to Shanghai maglev construction site and cut the ribbon for its first guideway girder.

2.On December 31, 2002, former Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji and the visiting German Chancellor Schroeder attended in person the inauguration ceremony, cut the ribbon for the train's first trial operation and rode the train together in its maiden trip.

3. On July 26, 2004, Hu JinTao, the General Secretary of CPC Central Committee, accompanied by Wang Gang, Director General of the General Office of CPC Central Committee, Chen LiangYu, the CPC Secretary of Shanghai Municipality, Han Zheng, the Mayor of Shanghai and other leaders, rode and toured the maglev train.

4. Since the operation of Shanghai maglev train, 13 heads of State and government of countries of Germany, Denmark, Finland, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland, Sweden, Australia, Japan and the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macaw, and domestically a number of Party and Government leaders and about 230 leading cadres holding levels higher than provincial and Ministerial positions have made either a tour of inspection to or ridden the maglev train.

Commercial Circles
1. During Annual Meeting of Fortune Forum 2003, members of Top 500 enterprises were organized to tour and ride the maglev train.

2. In March 2003, the name crowning of one maglev train was sold by auction to the world. After fierce and intense competition, finally Shanghai Xin Hu Property Development Company succeeded in winning the right of crowning its name on one maglev train at the price of CNY 20.9 million for two years. One maglev train was named Xin Hu Pearl train and an inaugural meeting was held.

3. In September, 2003, about 30 distinguished guests attending Forbes Forum rode the maglev train in high spirits after the Forbes Global CEO meeting.

4. In July, 2004, Siemens Centennial Celebration was held at the Maglev Longyang Road Station.

Merits of Maglev Advertisement
Relations with the Government
The unique charms of the maglev attracts heads of various countries and important personages at all levels, and maglev wins wide trust and support. With the help of such advantages, an enterprise is able to directly influence the level of a government, elevate the image of a brand and help to bring about governmental purchase and gain very favorable conditions for development.

Relations with the media
The events of the maglev have become a news light-spot that the vast media has to report. According to incomplete statistics, so far, relevant news reports by various major mainstream media have reached more than 1,600 pieces, web-links up to 220 thousand and news reports by foreign mainstream radio, TV stations even more, too many to count (e.g. China Central TV Station, China News Press, Oriental TV station, Jie Fang Daily, Xin Min Evening News, Hong Kong Economic Daily, German Press, French Press, Japan Kyodo News Service, Associated Press, TASS, the Reuter etc.). Shanghai Maglev (herein after calls SMTDC) has established good relationship with various major media.

With the aid of the fashion pulse of maglev, a good opportunity to show oneself in the media has come, which plays a great role in promoting the elevation of brand and the sale of products.

Strength of Audience
According to a survey, the universal characteristics of maglev passengers are: higher education (university degree and higher accounts for 69%); mostly in the age group between 26 to 45, and mostly from eonomic developed countries/regions (the majority of the passengers come from Hong Kong SAR,Germany, Japan and the United States).

Owning to the peculiarity of the maglev train, the passengers have prominent advantages over those of normal transport means in terms of economic capability and purchasing power. Moreover, they are readily receptive to new things.

To transmit enterprise information to such a group of passengers will achieve very high aim-taking accuracy and arriving percentage.
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