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Content on Website and Copyright Ownership
1. All the content of this website, including design, text, image and any other information, is copyrighted by Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SMTDC), unless otherwise stated.

2. “Copyright Reserved” marked on this website is the copyright statement of SMTDC, declaring that SMTDC owns autonomous authority over all the logo marks on the whole website, the designing concept and the framework of the website and the content, image etc. on which the website is designed, prepared and made on its own.

3. SMTDC owns the intellectual property right over all the content, technical measures, technical means and services developed on its own or developed together with others and share the intellectual property right over the same. No one shall violate or infringe upon the intellectual property right or use the above-mentioned without authorization.

4. The content of the service on the website of SMTDC includes the text, software, pictures, graphs, advertisement and other information provided by SMTDC to its users. The content is protected by the related law.

5. The website includes some text supplied by other organizations, institutions or business firms which is copyrighted by the appropriate suppliers. The website had obtained the permission from the copyright owner to include the content during extracting or reprinting it and indicated the source as agreed upon.

Quoting the Content on the Website
1. You may browse and download the content on the website for non-commercial purpose if you comply with the copyright and the statement of SMTDC concerning the content of this website. But to use for commercial purposes (e.g. to copy, download, store or to transmit, convert, lease, demonstrate, disseminate, publish via hardcopy or electronic grabbing system, or to distribute in any other way) any content on this website or to create any derived product related with the content shall be subject to the written permission of SMTDC and in the course of the use it is necessary to indicate the source of the content and to affix the mark: Copyright Reserved by SMTDC. Written applications may be addressed to:

2520 Longyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China
Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co., Ltd.

As regards any violation of the related State laws and regulations by some websites and graphic media, failure to comply with the statement of the website or unauthorized exploitation of the content on this website with no permission from this website and with no indication of the content source, this website reserves the right to take legal action to affix the responsibility for such violation.

2. No one shall reproduce any content or make a mirror image on any server other than the server of SMTDC without the definite written permission of the company.

3. If you want to use the content on the website supplied by the other organizations, institutions or business firms, please contact directly the appropriate copyright owner. Any affair related with this as well as related legal responsibility has nothing to do with this website.

4. Any individual or organization must, after obtaining the permission of SMTDC, abide by the following terms in duplicating and disseminating the SMTDC-copyrighted content on this website:
(1) any excerpts or citation should guarantee the real meaning of the original text;
(2) the source should be indicated, i.e. the website URL: http://www.smtdc.com

Cautions for Links
The following stipulations should be observed if you want to provide links on thirty party websites to this website:

1. Links to this website shall be subject to a formal agreement signed with SMTDC.
2. The appearance, location and other aspects of the link shall not harm or weaken the name of SMTDC.
3. The appearance, location and other aspects of the link shall not give browsing people a wrong impression.
4. When browsing people activate the link, the content on the website should be displayed in all-screen mode instead of being displayed in the frame mode on the linked website.
5. SMTDC may take back the right to link to this website at any time from those who conduct the links.

Special Statement
Any quoting or excerpting or reprinting the text from a third-party does not indicate that the content reflects the viewpoint of SMTDC, but for visitors’ reference or exchange only.

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