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Notice to passengers
on Shanghai Maglev Demonstration Line
Ⅰ. Operation time:
Longyang Road Station : First train: 6:45 Last train: 21:40.
Pudong International Airport Station: First train: 7:02 Last train: 21:42.
Ⅱ. Ticketing time:
Passengers can buy tickets at the Ticket Center just before getting on the maglev train.
Ⅲ.Purchase place:
Longyang Rd. Ticket Center is located at the 2nd floor, No. 2100 Longyang Road Station, Shanghai.
Pudong Airport Ticket Center is located at the 2nd floor of the Pudong International Airport Station.
Ⅳ.Fare: time:
  Economic Class VIP
Single Trip 50 RMB 100 RMB
Round Trip
( valid within 7 days)
80 RMB 160 RMB
(1)Passengers who bought the single-trip tickets can get on board at Longyang Road Station or Pudong International Airport Station and get off at the other Station.
(2)Passengers who bought the round trip tickets can get on board at either the Long yang Road Station or Pudong International Airport Station, get off at the other station and re-enter through the gate. Round trip tickets are valid within 7 days since the purchase day.
(3)Each Passenger with the airplane ticket of the same day can obtain a 20% discount for only one single-trip ticket.
(4)Disabled people with the disabled cards can obtain a 20% discount for one single-trip ticket or one round-trip ticket.
(5)Each adult can bring one child at or under 130cm free of charge. Children above 130cm shall buy the full-price ticket. Preschoolers are not allowed to take the train alone.
(6)Passengers who obtain the ticket discount shall hold their own valid documents. Passengers are not allowed to make use of fake or other people’s.
Ⅴ.Ticket usage:
(1)Please keep the ticket during your whole maglev-train travel, take the round-trip ticket for your return trip and the ticket will be collected back after your final exit.
(2)Tickets are sold with no passenger names so passengers should keep their tickets properly. Passengers are not allowed to get on board if their tickets are lost.
(3)Tickets should be kept clean, unfolded, unbent, unaltered and unpunctured. Once destroyed, tickets are invalid.
Ⅵ. Boarding place:
Longyang Road Station: 2nd floor, No.2100 Longyang Road, Pudong Shanghai
Pudong Airport Station: Pudong International Airport.
Ⅶ.Boarding Time:
Single-trip ticket is valid only for the purchase day, and round-trip ticket is valid within 7 days since the purchase day.
Passenger should check in at least 5 minutes before the boarding time to get on board, otherwise they would be forbidden on board.
Ⅷ.Points of attention:
(1) Passengers should stand behind the safety line before getting on board. Passengers are forbidden to touch the door when the door opens or closes. Passengers should show their tickets of their own accord. Once on board, passengers should immediately put their belongings in place and sit down. On arrival, passengers must all get off the train and follow the train-attendants instructions or arrangements. Passengers are not allowed to get on and off without permission.
(2) The elder, the infant, the sick, the disabled, the pregnant and those who carry the baby shall obtain the priority of getting on or off first.
(3)Passengers should correctly use the elevator and other related facilities and must compensate correspondingly for the loss if they damage the public-facilities.
(4) Passengers should consciously keep the station and compartment clean .Do not eat and speak loudly in the compartment .Passengers shall not trample the chairs at the station or in the compartment. Smoking is forbidden at the station or in the compartment.
(5) The indecent dressed, the drunk and those who have serious infectious disease or mental disease are forbidden to enter the train station or get on board.
(6) The following items are forbidden to carry into the station or carriage: dangerous items such as poisonous, radioactive or corroded items, pets, items with strong smell, sharp-pointed items and other items that may endanger the public safety. For ensuring the public safety, train attendants may check passengers’ belongings legally. Hope the passengers can understand.
(7) No Skateboarding and Skating.
(8)It is forbidden to climb or jump the wall, fences, railings and fare gates. Passengers should not enter the track or any other prohibited area without permission.
(9)Passengers’ belongings shall not exceed 23 kg weight. Volume should not exceed 0.2 cubic meter and length shall not exceed 1.7 meter. All belongings shall not obstacle other passengers.
(10) News cover, news cast and business photographing are allowed only when the permission from SMTDC (Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co., Ltd) is given.
Ⅸ.Train delayed:
Awful weather or technical reasons may disturb the normal operation. If so, passengers should follow the attendants’ instruction to the appointed place for the refund of their tickets.
Ⅹ.Tickets refund:
Unused tickets can be refunded at full price at the place bought but only on the valid day. Tickets exchanged by vouchers follow the same policy.
Ⅺ. Complaint:
Passengers can complain at the Passenger Service Center on the 2nd floor of both stations if they feel any discontent about the service, or they can also directly dial the service complaint hotline: 021-28907777. However, passengers should not disturb the normal work of the staff.
Ⅻ. The right of interpretation:
Shanghai Maglev train passenger service center reserves the final right to interpret the Notice to Passengers.
Shanghai Maglev Train Passenger Service Center Center
January 1, 2014
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