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Shanghai Pudong Lingkong Agric Garden
Founded in the first spring of the 21 Century, Shanghai Pudong Lingkong Agric Garden under the Shanghai Wing Group is situated at the Airport Town of the Pudong District by the East China Sea. Occupying an area of over 1000 mu, it faces the Pudong International Airport on the south and the world’s first maglev line Airport station on the east; connects the Ying Bin Avenue on the north and the to be extended Metro Line No.2 on the west. Vice Chairman of CPPCC and Head of Central United Front-work Department of CPC, Wang Zhaoguo, gladly penned the following inscription for the Garden: “Green the environment and shed luster for a thousand years”. Ex-Minster of Culture and the present incumbent Chairman of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Zhou Weishi, also took up the brush and inscribed the Garden name and the following lines: “Let the city be filled with strong greenness; Let life be permeated with rich poetic flavor.”

The Grand Garden comprises the following zones:
A modernized Hi-tech agronomic garden where are planted green vegetables – purple perilla and precious melons and fruits to be sold overseas;
A botanical garden where are cultivated all sorts of exceedingly strange rare flowers and extraordinary trees from over 160 countries;
An animal breeding garden where are raised thousands of rare and precious animals such as ostriches, peacocks, rhesus monkeys, sika deers, famous dogs of different origins and golden pheasants;
An amusement park where one may ride an ostrich, tease the naughty monkeys of watch a pheasant fight or dog show;
A fishing pool with clear and quiet long embankment;
An exhibition hall collecting thousands of pieces of Jurassic fossils and stalactites;
Old-days-recollecting farmhouses where the rumbling of waterwheels and chirping of spinners can be heard and smoke curling upward from kitchen chimneys can be seen;
An ostrich farm restaurant where one can taste ostrich and peacock meat as well as many local flavor dishes;
The bund where one can see the scene of the sea and the sky being merged into one by gazing into the distance and can fully enjoy the sunrise from the East China Sea and the lingering light of the setting sun; and
In addition, looking up at the blue sky, one can watch a great variety of aeroplanes sweeping past the approach tower of the Airport and hovering over in the clouds…

All these had added a splendid scenery to the opening and reforming Pudong, created a production base of scale for producing series of green food, built up an ecological paradise in which people can co-exist with animals and plants in perfect harmony, brought about a new hotspot for city residents’ tourism and leisure activities as well as a classroom for the vivid education of the students of middle and primary schools to raise their quality.

Charges: based on the prevailing charge specification for students and public organizations
Contact address: South of Huazhou Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai
Telephone: 86 021 58939405, 86 021 58934084
Fax: 86 021 58934892

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